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2023   (updated 29/11/23)

Jan 1st  Sun

EVO St John's Point

Fun event

Feb 5th Sun EVO St John's Point

Fun event

Mar 11th Sat Hurst Cup Trial UC Leitrim Cancelled
Mar 25th  Solar Youth         Saul


Mar 26th  Tommy Stewart   Saul


Apr 2nd Sun EVO St John's Point Fun Event
Apr 8th Sat Rockhopper Ballynacraig Youth
May 7th Sun EVO Bright Fun Event
May 20th Sat McMaster Crossgar  Open


May 21st Sun Rockhopper Bellshill


Jun 25th Sun Rockhopper, Drumaness Youth
July 1st Sat Beach Race Donaghadee Cancelled
July 30th Sun Rockhopper.John Whites Youth
Aug 5th Sat Youth Solar Round 4 Results
Aug 12th Sat Ulster MX Championship Results
Aug 27th Sun Rockhopper Dunmore Youth
Oct 1st Sun Rockhopper Ballynacraig Youth
Oct 14/15th Sat/Sun Beach Race Portrush 2day Results
Nov 26th Sun Rockhopper Dundrod Pits Youth
Dec 9th Sat Shaw Cup IC Trial 

OnLine Entry



Members Prizes

The following awards will be made to the member(s) making best overall performance in club events 2023  (updated 23/04/23)

Motor Cycle Speed Events

The Herbert Chambers Memorial Trophy




Motor Cycle Speed Events

Grade B

The Rand Cup


Motor Cycle Speed Events

Grade C

The L T Wright Challenge Cup


Motor Cycle Trials :

The Gunning Shield


Motor Cycle Trials : Semi Expert

The Hugh C Reid Perpetual Challenge Cup


Motor Cycle Trials : Clubman

Challenge Cup ( G W Fitchie )


Motor Cycle Trials : Sportsman

The Sharman D Neill Cup


Motor Cycle Trials : Youth A

John Houston Memorial Trophy


Motor Cycle Trials : Youth B

N Savage Vase