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January 2nd

Evo Racing   St John's Point

Fun Day no Results

February 18th

Hurst Cup Team Trial    Crossgar


February 19th Evo Racing    Portaferry

Fun Day no Results

March 19th Evo Racing   St John's Point

Fun Day no Results

April 2nd Evo Racing  Ardglass


April 22nd

Kelly Trophy Trial UC    Crossgar


May 7th Evo Racing   TBA  
June 4th Evo Racing  Ardglass


June 17th McMaster Summer  Trial   Crossgar


July  ?? Evo Racing   


August ?? Evo Racing  


September 16th Grass track Bells Hill  
September 23rd Shaw Cup Trial IC   Crossgar


October 29th Evo Racing  TBA


Members Prizes

The following awards will be made to the member(s) making best overall performance in club events 2017

Motor Cycle Speed Events

The Herbert Chambers Memorial Trophy


2016 Holder : James Mackrel


Motor Cycle Speed Events

Grade B

The Rand Cup

2016 Holder : Jonathan O'Neill

Motor Cycle Speed Events

Grade C

The L T Wright Challenge Cup

2016 Holder : John Martin

Motor Cycle Trials :

The Gunning Shield

2016 Holder : Chris Brown

Motor Cycle Trials : Grade B

The Hugh C Reid Perpetual Challenge Cup

2016 Holder : Neil Moore

Motor Cycle Trials : Grade C


Challenge Cup ( G W Fitchie )


2016 Holder : Stephen Pyper


Motor Cycle Trials : Grade D

The Sharman D Neill Cup

2016 Holder : Alistair Galloway

Motor Cycle Trials : Youth

John Houston Memorial Trophy

2016 Holder: Jay Pyper